NOVEMBER 27 2008 19:34h

Batman and Superman Killed by Common Man


Scottish comic artist Grant Morrison ruthlessly ended Batman’s career in a helicopter crash.

Fans of comic books in Scotland had ambivalent feelings when the new issue of the comic book called “Batman RIP” took to the stands. The comic book’s author decided to place in front of the superhero the biggest challenge of them all – death.

The hunt for villain Simon Hurt, contrary to all expectations, ends in the death of the superhero as he dies in a helicopter crash. In order to disrupt the plans of all those who believed that Batman would rise from the dead after a couple of pages, Morrison threw in the scene in which Batman’s former accomplice admits, under torture, that both Batman and Robin are dead.

I like it when the story has many twists. But what I did is a destiny worse than death, something nobody would ever imagine something like this could happen to the two heroes – the author told the Daily Record.

In the “All Star” series he worked on before “Batman RIP”, he also killed Superman.