DECEMBER 18 2008 11:08h

Beyonce: I Write My Songs for Women


Beyonce Knowles spoke for Plavi Radio about her acting, her work on her new album, her performances and Sascha Fierce.

Alen Balen spoke to Beyonce Knowles for the ďBackstageĒ show on Zagrebís Plavi Radio.


Hi Beyoncť Ė we saw you on TV recently at the MTV awards performing If I Were A Boy Ė did you enjoy it?Reuters-.--.-Beyonce performs at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards held in Los Angeles.

It was great because it was my first time performing this song for an audience, and you know, itís a new song, itís always very scary.  And because I usually come out with up tempos it just feels kinda strange.  But it was great.  I wanted to keep it really simple and about my voice and about the classic song, and the crowd loved it and it felt great.  I love performing with my band, and they are all female, and they give me so much energy and itís like a spirit that just feels very comforting and a little bit overwhelming.

And we saw you with the glove Ė the Sasha Fierce glove.

The magical Sasha Fierce glove.  Itís very light itís made out of titanium so itís really light and I had to do like a hand molding, and itís all this drama, but itís great, I love it, itís like a second skin.  When you want Sasha Fierce I have to have the glove on right now, I donít, so youíre talking to Beyoncť!

The new album, I Am Ö Sasha Fierce, is a double CD. What was the thinking behind that?

I wanted to separate the CDs and give like, itís a double album, and one disc is I Am, and basically I feel like people are a little more comfortable with Sasha Fierce than me, because they are used to seeing that side of me in my videos and in my performances.  And I wanted to reveal, no make up and no extensions or wind blowing, you know, just really who I am in my cashmere and in my jeans and wife-beaters [type of shirt] and Sasha Fierce I know is for the fans, I have to give them what theyíre used to.  And what I love performing, Ďcos I get to live out all my fantasies through her!  So I decided to split the album into two, so when youíre in the mood to have a dance or have a good time with your friends, or be sexy or extra confident, you put that in.  And when you want to reflect on your relationships or your love life or vulnerability, you listen to I Am.

Letís talk about that single If I Were A Boy Ė what do you think of the song and tell me about the reaction you get from your male fans.

I love it because the, itís very simple and itís very sweet and then it gets really aggressive and then it gets back sweet and itís like life, you know, and I think the melody is strong and you know, it starts off kinda low and it gets really highÖ I love it, it just goes through all these emotions and you Reuters-.--.-Beyonce Knowles hear it in the melody and in the music.  The boys definitely are like, ĎOK, why is she doing it again?í  But I kind of have a reputation for that you know, Irreplaceable wasnít very nice to the boys.  But, itís important that we women know how strong we are, and know our power and thatís all that I talk about, and my music is always for the ladies.  I love the guys, but you know I have sung so many love songs on the album that are about men, and when you find a good man, you keep a good man.  But when you have a little boys, then sometimes they need to be called out.  So thatís basically what Iím doing in this record.

Are you more confident as yourself?

I really feel more confident and more comfortable especially after doing the movie, Cadillac Records.  I play Etta James, and after going from singing all the heart-wrenching records, I wanted to do some things that felt a little more emotional and showed my vulnerability so I wasnít as afraid to step out of the box and try some different things.  And I think you hear it with the single, Boy, itís almost like folk music.  And itís really different for me.  So I got the bravery from Etta James.  Sheís a living legend, sheís still here, and she is, was the first African American woman to cross over, to get played on the radio stations.  And she was with Muddy Waters and Little Walter and all of these legends that The Beatles and The Rolling Stones and all of these people got their inspiration from.  And, basically she was, had this incredible voice that sheís known for, best known for At Last. And she was a rock and roll singer, a pop singer, rhythm and blues, she did everything.  And she made it her own, and she didnít have a relationship with her father, so she had a lot of pain from that.  And from her childhood, she had a really traumatic childhood.  She was also addicted to heroin, so I have this really emotional scene where, you know, they find me, I almost overdose, and it was really difficult because Iíve never tried drugs and I went to this place called Phoenix House in Brooklyn, and I met with a lot of women that were recovering addicts, and still having problems with their addiction.  And it was really really great learning experience for me, because I knew I couldnít judge the addiction if I was playing this character.  And she was the type of woman that had a very foul mouth!  And was very different from me, so I think people are gonna be really surprised when they see it!

What do you prefer; making music or acting in movies?-.--.-Beyonce

I love both, and they help you know, my love for my movies, I get focussed on the movies and then I want to do an album and vice versa.  They help each other, and inspire each other.  And I didnít know I would love movies so much, but finally after I did this movie Cadillac Records, I felt the same outer body experience and the sameÖ itís like that weird magic that happens on the stage.  I felt it finally on screen.  So Iím really into it now, and Iíd love to continue to do movies that are a little more emotional.  Itís humbling and itís life, and you know, if you walk around comfortable all the time youíll stay in the same place.  So, I do get scared and I do get you know, nervous, that, am I ready for this?  But I know thatís just something thatís like growing pains, and if I can get through that Iíll always be stronger.  I did another movie, a psychological thriller and itís really emotional and Iím saying that Iím really good at drama, Ďcos Iím emotionally connected and Iím one of those people that feel other peopleís pain.  And feel other peopleís joy.  I can just feel off of them.  But the next movie, Iím done with the dramas for a while, I want to do like an action hero or something, a comedy or something.  I would love to be a Bond girl.  Iíd love to play Wonder Woman too.

Finally, what did you think of your husband Jay-Zís controversial performance at Glastonbury this year?

I know it was so controversial and I was like, I have to be there.  And Iím so happy I was.  It was the most amazing performance Iíve seen Jay do.  And the most amazing crowd Iíve seen.  It was almost overwhelming, all the people and all their banners, and no one knew like ĎOK, are people gonna respond?  Whatís gonna happen?í  He walked out and they went nuts.  And it was like ĎYeah!í  And I was so happy to be there.  So, one day, someone asked would you perform?  It would be great Ďcos itís so different, and I was a little disappointed that it wasnít muddy, Ďcos I had my wellies.  And I was excited about that.  But it was still great, and I thought everyone did a great job.