APRIL 27 2008 18:05h

Iron Man to Fight His Best Friend?




Although neither the first ‘Iron Man’ is out on the big screen yet, there are already discussions on the plot of some of the sequels.

The new ‘Iron Man’ has still not arrived in cinemas, and an impatient horde of fans is already thinking about the plot of the sequels, which will surely be made as we know that the main star Robert Downey Jr. has already signed a contract for three films on the metal hero. Now, finally the first proper information on what will happen in at least one of them has come across.

As Terrence Howard said, who plays Jim Rhodes in the movie, one of Iron Man’s best friends, Rhodes could find himself in the superhero’s suit.

-.--.-Allegedly in the first part of the film, Rhodes takes in one moment takes a look at the super uniform and says “See you next time, baby”.

And since the producers of the film have allegedly decided to be faithful to the comic book’s story, then Iron Man experts know what comes next.

Tony Stark will precipitate into alcoholism form which he barely managed to get out in the first movie, so his super hero job will be taken exactly by Rhodes. He himself sill soon start to have headaches, to have a strange behaviour, and he will eventually be headed to a destructive campaign. Stark will then have to make another uniform in order to save the day, but also his friend trapped in the uniform.