JUNE 8 2008 17:24h

King of Roma Music Saban Bajramovic Dies

Saban Bajramovic




Roma music legend Saban Bajramovic died today at a hospital in Nis, Serbia.

Roma singer, composer and actor, Saban Bajramovic, died today in a hospital in the Serbian city of Nis.

A year ago, Bajramovic had a heart attack and from that moment he spent most of his time in hospital. There are speculations that he was in financial problems and that the state recently gave him immediate social aid.

He fell in love with music when he was in prison, after he was arrested as deserter from the former Yugoslavian army. In this period he fell in love with music and started intensively to practice it. He ran a dissolute life, and above all he loved women, gambling and alcohol. However, one thing is sure – he left and undeletable trace behind him, writing the history of Roma music.