DECEMBER 3 2008 23:25h

Julia Roberts Saves Nature, But Smells


Mmmm, Julia! No, this is not what people first think when Julia Roberts passes by them.

If we are to believe the former bodyguard of the popular Hollywood actress Julia Roberts, the pretty woman will first hit you with her wide smile, and if that is not enough for you to fall unconscious, the smell of the natural oils of her body will, which she cares for by not showing for a week.

“Julia is a total hippie” “She'll go days without showering” said her former bodyguard, writes Times of the Internet.

However, Julies does not do this to get back at somebody. Just to let you know if you are ever near her, and you feel awkward. She is a hard line green environmentalist, and in that way saves water and saves the planet.

She does not wash her hair unless she really needs to. And she does not have a problem with that.

“She likes the smell of her natural oils” says the bodyguard. We can only imagine how hard it must have been for him to walk around with a smelly star, but what is it like to be Julia’s husband Danny Moder, you ask? Do not worry, she and Julia are soul-mates.