MARCH 23 2007 17:11h

Katie Holmes Asks Victoria Beckham For Help


Katie is having an increasingly difficult time dealing with her husband Tom Cruise's manipulation.

Katie Holmes is having an increasingly difficult time putting up with Tom Cruise's efforts to control every step she makes, so she asked her friend Victoria Beckham for advice. 

Katie Holmes talked to Victoria for hours. Frustrated and in tears, she confided in Victoria, saying that Tom was ignoring every opinion she had, reports US Weekly. 

Recent rumours suggest that Tom Cruise follows every step Katie makes and will not let her make her own decisions and make her own plans about her acting career. Victoria Beckham is also having a hard time dealing with Tom's constant attempts to convince the Beckhams to convert to Scientology. 

Victoria has slightly conservative convictions when it comes to religious viewpoints. She even finds Tom's efforts quite offensive, which is confirmed by the claim that Tom recently sent her as many as 18 text messages within a single hour, trying to persuade her and her David to become members of his church. Victoria decided to put a stop to this because she cares about her friend as well as about her peace of mind, because no one likes a menace.