NOVEMBER 11 2009 17:02h

Tom Cruise beats-up disobedient scientologists


In California, apparently, there is a building complex known as the ‘hole’ where the disobedient church members are physically reprimanded.

Former high-ranking scientologist Marty Rathbun decided to share some spicy stories about Scientology and its main supporter, Tom Cruise. Rathbun said that Cruise probably beat disobedient church members, which was one of the common measures for disciplining the faithful.

Rathbun was once a close friend with the church leader, David Miscavige. He claims that the Scientologists believe that the physical disciplining is useful and that it was used as an educational method for the faithful who did not follow the strict rules of the church.

According to him, Hemet, California has a scientology complex known as the “hole” where the three members of the church were locked because of disobedience. Managers of the complex were constantly criticized for being too gentle with prisoners and for refusing to beat them. This why they called Tom Cruise for help.

Interviews with non-living objects and bruises

- Miscavige said that Tom promised that he would personally come into a ‘hole’ and “break” the three prisoners, if the managers were unable to do it - Rathbun wrote in his letter. Managers, allegedly, mustered their courage and assaulted the “prisoners”.

- Fists were flying everywhere and three men were finally beaten. They continued beating them until each of them had bruises on both of their eyes - says Rathbun.

Church spokesman Tommy Davis and Tom Cruise‘s attorney denied all of the charges. Davis says that Rathbun is a notorious liar and that he has been dismissed because he attacked the members of the church on several occasions. He also argues that there are witnesses who can confirm that scientology leader never used Tom Cruise in this context.

Another “fugitive” scientologist, Marc Headley, ridiculed Tom in his book by saying that the actor talked with books, bottles and ashtrays in an attempt to move them and thus gain control of the mind.

- We would ask the book to stand up, sit or move. We did the same with a bottle and ashtray. We would tell the ashtray to sit on the chair. Then we would take the ashtray, put it on the chair and thank it. We worked like this for hours - said Headley.