SEPTEMBER 12 2007 20:13h

VIDEO: Gay Men's Online War Over Britney Spears


All the negative hype and being called out by Chris Crocker has made Perez Hilton decide to strike back. He started a flame war.

Chaos ensued after Chris Crocker uploaded his video Leave Britney Alone on YouTube yesterday, which shows him visibly upset, crying and being angry at everyone who attacked Britney in recent days, after her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. Consequently, a flame war followed. His last video really could not have gone unnoticed. Chris claims that he was really crying and that he feels bad for the pop princess. 

Hitting back after being called out in the video 

Perez Hilton, the self-professed Queen of All Media, decided to strike back in the wake of all the bad hype as well as the fact that he had been called out in the video. To clarify, prompted by Hilton's statement that, if Britney were professional, she would have given a good performance regardless of all her problems, Crocker went after Perez for unprofessionally slamming a person who was going through a difficult period. 

Perez Hilton decided to strike back and made an almost equally heartbreaking video called Britney Leave ME Alone. In the video, he imitates Chris' tears, voice and body movements and begs Britney to leave him alone, saying that he does not want to write about her anymore because she is boring and all she does is party instead of take care of her children at home. 

Who is Chris Crocker? 

Chris Crocker is an effeminate 19-year-old gay guy who used to be bullied by homophobes in his home town. He decided to turn to the Internet as an outlet, which proved to be an excellent decision, as he became a star on YouTube and MySpace incredibly quickly. Each of his videos immediately enters the top played charts on YouTube. On MySpace, he was named the most watched individual. He mostly makes exclusive videos for one of the two portals, which boosts his number of visitors in both places. 

Who is Perez?

Perez, whose real name is Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr, is a 29-year-old American blogger who became famous by posting the latest Hollywood gossip on his blog. He has been open about his homosexuality from the start and targeted different stars and starlets, who soon realized that they had better make friends with the unsuccessful actor, also known for frequently changing his hair colour, because a huge number of Perez' fans started supplying his poisonous pen with exclusive footage, photos and information from the world of celebrities.