JUNE 28 2007 12:49h

Croatian Poet Dragutin Tadijanovic Dies


One of the most famous and most read poets in Croatia, Dragutin Tadijanovic, died last night at the age of 102.

Croatian bard, academician Dragutin Tadijanovic, died last night at the age of 102 at a Zagreb Elderly Persons’ Home of which he was resident since last year.

Undestined forester became a poet 

Dragutin Tadijanovic, known to his friends as just Tadija, was born in Rastusje near Slavonski Brod on November 4, 1905.

He completed primary school in Podvinje and high school in Slavonski Brod. It is interesting that he first enrolled in the Faculty of Forestry in Zagreb and then transferred to the literature and philosophy studies, graduating in 1937.

His first song “Sad Autumn” was published in the “Omladina” school newspaper in 1922 under an alias Margan Tadeon. He began publishing poems under his own name in 1930 in ther “Knjizevnik” and “Hrvatska revija” magazines. He published some 500 poems in some 20 compilations and issued several compilations of his selected works.

He worked as a proof-reader, as a secretary at the Croatian Writers’ Society, he was a teacher at the Academy of Arts in Zagreb, a state official, and after 1945 he was an editor in publishing. Until his retirement he was the director of the Institute for Literature and Theatrology.

He was president of the Croatian Writers’ Society from 1964 to 1965. He edited numerous critical and other works of Croatian writers of the 19th and 20th centuries, he translated several poems by V. Nezval, Goethe, Holdernin, Novalis and Heine and assembled several anthologies. Some of his books of poetry and certain poems were translated into some twenty languages.

Interest for Tadija’s poems still lasts 

Called a living classic of Croatian poetry and a poet-institution, Tadijanovic imposed himself as a norm and standard with special influence on the “krugovasi” generation of poets. The constant interest of the expert and wider reading audience as well as numerous reissuing of his books testify about the popularity of his lyrics.