APRIL 30 2009 11:17h

Croatian Student Probably Does Not Have Swine Flu

A girl with a mask on her face in the centre of Zagreb, Croatia.




On the basis of the analyses announced so far, the young Osijek student does not have the flu, including swine flu.

The head of the “epidemiology of infectious diseases” unit, from the Croatian public health institute (HZJZ), Ira Gjenero Margan, said that the young 22 year old Osijek does not have swine flu with 99 percent certainty.

On the basis of analyses carried out up until now, we can say that the young Osijek student is not suffering from the flu at all, including the swine flu.

However, five students were isolated yesterday afternoon in hospital, with symptoms of the cold who were in the same student group as the student who went to Chicago.

The girl from Osijek is a 22 year old student who has had a 40 degree Celsius fever for the last two days. The Croatian Ministry of Health and Welfare, more precisely the headquarters for monitoring the appearances of the swine flu, reported that the girl was in America until April 25, and that the laboratory results indicate a virus. However, precautionary measures were taken and she was hospitalised and treated with anti-virus medicine. The headquarters is monitoring the world flashpoints.

During the day we will know if the Osijek student is the first person to have swine flu in Croatia or if she just has a virus.

HZJZ stresses that if the swine flu appears, they will do everything to slow down its spread, as is being done by similar services around the world.