NOVEMBER 30 2007 15:05h

Decision Was Supposed To Be Made By Main Committee


Arlovic says SDP`s Main Committee was bypassed and outplayed, while Milanovic made an individual call.

Social Democratic Party (SDP) Main Committee member Mato Arlovic, who is also an MP with the longest engagement, was surprised by party president Zoran Milanovic`s decision to withdraw Ljubo Jurcic from the race for the prime minister post.

- I express wonder and regret in relation to the president`s decision, seeing how only the party`s Main Committee can make such a decision – Arlovic told Javno, adding that Milanovic was supposed to have addressed the proposition of withdrawing Jurcic first.

SDP President Running For PM Post

Arlovic expressed regret that regular party organs remained on the margin in this decision, especially because the discussion on the PM post candidate was held when the new SDP president was being elected.

- SDP`s Main Committee was bypassed and outplayed because it has to decide on the PM candidacy – Arlovic repeated. He pointed out Milanovic`s candidacy should not affect Croatian President Stjepan Mesic`s decision on the fact to whom he will entrust the mandate pf assembling the new cabinet.

- The Constitution clearly states how mandate is appointed and Mesic should stick to it – Arlovic pointed out.

SDP was supposed to have replaced Jurcic a long time ago

When asked if Jurcic should have withdrawn earlier, Arlovic responded that public opinion surveys before the campaign showed Milanovic was more popular.

- The Main Committee was supposed to have changed the candidacy and it is a wonder that such a change occurred a few days after the elections – Arlovic said, repeating Milanovic was supposed to have assembled the Main Committee.

When asked if Croatian People`s Party (HNS) president and SDP`s coalition partner Vesna Pusic influenced Milanovic`s decision, Arlovic replied he respects his party and president, as well as Vesna Pusic.

- I don`t believe Milanovic would let another party run his policy. Pusic would not allow it either – Arlovic concluded.

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