MAY 8 2009 17:00h

Filip Glavas: My Father is Somewhere Safe

Filip Glavas (centre), the son of Branimir Glavas.




Sisljagic called the verdict shameful, and Filip said that Ivo Sanader, who the people will judge, knows his father is a war hero.

ZAGREB, CROATIA - “Today’s verdict is not only the twilight of the state of justice, it is an insult and humiliation of all the Croatian veterans from Osijek, as well as all of Croatia. Today those who gave their lives for the defence of Osijek die a second time” said Vladimir Sisljagic. He said that at the Zagreb County Court after a ten year prison sentence was given to his party colleague Branimir Glavas.

When asked by the press “where is Branimir Glavas and why is he not in court” he briefly answered:

“We moved Glavas to safety”.

Instead of Glavas, his son Filip came to listen to the verdict, who is not surprised by the decision by the county court.

“Since the beginning we did not trust this court. I know who my father is. He is a war hero, and Ivo Sanader knows this, who the people will judge. My father is safe now” said the young Filip Glavas.