OCTOBER 25 2008 19:28h

It Is Nonsense That Nacional Will Accuse Mirjana P

NCL Media Group office




Talk that Nacional journalists will accuse Mirjana Pukanic for the assassination of her husband is nonsense, claims Cvitic of Nacional.

ZAGREB, CROATIA – Although some media announced that the editorial board of the Nacional weekly is preparing a special issue after the brutal murder of its co-owner Ivo Pukanic, in which they will accuse his wife Mirjana Pukanic and head State Attorney Mladen Bajic of his assassination, we find out that this is not true.

The media speculate that the shook up reporters are Reuters-.--.-Croatian police investigate the crime scene of car bomb blast in central Zagrebpreparing a special issue for next week, in which they will accuse Mirjana Pukanic of participating in the assassination in order to take owner ownership of the NCL Media group to benefit her drugs supplier and that they will name Mladen Bajic as one of he culprits for his death. Nacional journalist Plamenko Cvitic dismissed these claims.

- This is nonsense, this information is inaccurate – Cvitic was brief.

Certain media started dealing with the issue of inheriting the NCL Media Group, guessing what the ownership share would be obtained by Ivo Pukanic`s wife Mirjana in the group which publishes several weekly papers on health, sports and politics. In addition, these media claim that they hold Mladen Bajic responsible for the death of their friend Ivo Pukanic because he had done nothing to find the alleged assassinator from April this year.

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