OCTOBER 31 2008 10:30h

Joca Amsterdam: I Did Not Kill Ivo Pukanic

Sreten Jocic aka Joca Amsterdam




Joca is convinced Croatia is trying to implement anyone from Serbia for the Pukanic murder at any cost, Joca`s mediator said.

The Croatian police have arrested ten persons on Wednesday over suspicions of being involved in the murder of Nacional weekly co-founder Ivo Pukanic and the paper`s marketing director Niko Franjic. One of them is Slobodan Djurovic, known as the Cardinal, who is a former associate and best man of Sreten Jocic, aka Joca Amsterdam.

Thus, suspicion falls on Jocic as well, the famous “cocaine king of Europe”. However, Jocic told the Serbian Press Online, through a mediator, that Croats were trying to forcedly blame him for the murder of Ivo Pukanic.

- It is true that the arrested man was Joca`s best man, but what does this prove? Joca is convinced that Croatia is trying, at any cost, forcedly, to involve someone from Serbia for the Pukanic murder – Jocic`s mediator said. According to the mediator, Jocic will answer to any summoning by the authoritive organs.

Pukanic was not a problem for Joca!Reuters-.--.-Croatian police investigate the crime scene of car bomb blast in central Zagreb

- Joca says the statement of the judge from Bari, who dealed with the smuggling of cigarettes, which Pukanic wrote about, should be carefully read and then one must think for whom was this man a possible threat. Surely not for Joca! – said Joca`s mediator.

Sreten Jocic, known as Joca Amsterdam, is one of the most powerful men in the Balkans. He was first a hired hit man and then eliminated the competition and broke through the Western European drugs market. According t the Serbian media, Joca organised many executions, but severe offences were never proved, regardless of Interpol`s APBs which were issued out.

Still, he found himself in Dutch prison in 1993, but fled to Brussels, where he soon established good connections in drugs trafficking. Despite being on the run for several years, Jocic was arrested in 2002 in Bulgaria and was extradited to the Netherlands, where he served a shorter sentence.

As he got out, Jocic started gathering members of the Belgrade (suburb of Surcin) clan with whom he allegedly “actively participated in the privatisation of Serbian companies”.

Apart from his interest in Serbian companies, Amsterdam was also interested in buying some larger Croatian shopping chains, and as a part of those negotiations he met with some highly positioned officials of the Croatian “security administration”, and the Croatian underground, judging by everything, which several unofficial sources confirmed.

There are also rumours that Amsterdam was interested in the property of retired Croatian general Vladimir Zagorec and the job allegedly fell through due to Ivana Hodak`s relationship with attorney Ljubo Pavasovic Viskovic. However, her father, also an attorney, Zvonimir Hodak denied this.

Joca and Djurovic seen together on a beach

Among other things, the Press online mentions that Robert Matanic was also arrested, apart from Jocic`s best man, who is a suspect for the Pukanic murder, as well as Milenko Kuzmanovic.

- Milenko Kuzmanovic (25) from Belgrade was arrested with Djurovic, his friend, who is familiar to the police. The two of them travelled to Croatia two days ago, to give fake papers to Matanic, with which he was supposed to run to Serbia. Our police had the first information about this and we notified the colleagues in Croatia straight away. Djurovic and Kuzmanovic are not linked with the very act of execution of Pukanic, but it is investigated after whose orders Matanic executed Pukanic. Otherwise, according to operative information we possess with, Joca Amsterdam and Djurovic are best men – a source told the police.

- Interestingly enough, Djurovic was seen last year on a beach in Milocer, together with Joca Amsterdam… It looks like Djurovic lives between Paris-Bar-Belgrade – a police source revealed.

The police claim they possess with information on close connections between Djurovic and Robert Matanic.

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