OCTOBER 30 2008 10:33h

Matanics, Malafani Sole Suspects Of Pukanic Murder

The final brought in suspect for the Pukanic murder resisted arrest, judging by his injuries.




Although Svetozar Sjuranovic and Bogoljub Kuzmanovic were arrested, attorney Pilipovic claims his clients are the only suspects.

ZAGREB, CROATIA – Luka Matanic, Robert Matanic and Amir Mafalani are currently  the only suspects for the murder of Nacional weekly co-owner Ivo Pukanic and the paper`s marketing director Niko Franjic, their attorney Zoran Pilipovic confirmed for us.

According to our information, the criminal investigation of his clients is still ongoing, other persons are mentioned, however, Pilipovic claims, the Matanic brothers and Mafalani are currently the only suspects.

- I was at the police, but I cannot reveal any details, until the police end the investigation and announce it – Pilipovic said, adding it was true that while Mafalani was being arrested, they were talking over the telephone.

- He just told me: `They`re in my apartment`. You can imagine what it feels like when special police raid your apartment – Pilipovic said.

Arrested on the border with Serbia

According to information so far, the Matanic brothers were arrested on Wednesday around 17:40 hours near the Bajakovo Croatian state crossing. At the same time, special police officers raided Mafalani`s apartment in downtown Zagreb, Draskoviceva Street. Together with the Matanic brothers, Svetozar Djuranovic and Bogoljub Kuzmanovic were arrested on the border with Serbia, otherwise members of Sreten Jocic Joca Amsterdam`s crime group. They are, for now, suspected for aiding Matanic in attempted escape from Croatia.

There are claims that when they realised they were trapped by the police, the Matanics tried to prevent their arrest. However, they did not manage to draw their guns because the special police were faster. With the use of force, the four was swiftly out powered and shoved in police vehicles. The arrest supposedly took place in a café at a petrol station near Bajakovo.

Unofficial sources revealed that Robert Matanic`s girlfriend was also arrested in a café in New Zagreb, but nobody has confirmed this so far.