OCTOBER 23 2008 20:37h

Mirjana Pukanic: Ivo Killed? I Cannot Believe It

Mirjana Pukanic and Ivo Pukanic in the background




Unfortunately, Mirjana Pukanic found out her husband was killed from us. She is in shock and cannot believe he is gone.


- I head something a moment ago, but I don`t know what it is about. I don`t know what`s happening. Was someone hurt? – Mirjana Pukanic asked us over the telephone, the wife of NCL Media Group co-owner Ivo Pukanic, after media reported the first news of a bomb activated in the building outside Nacional Board headquarters. The bomb attack, i.e. the bomb set up under Ivo Pukanic`s car, killed him, as well as his colleague, journalist Niko Franic.

Unfortunately, we were the ones to notify Mrs. Pukanic about her husband`s death.

- Your husband Ivo Pukanic was killed – we told her.

- Excuse me? Ivo killed? I can`t believe it. Ivo died? No, this is not true –

Mirjana Pukanic: What will happen to Sara now?

A brief pause followed. Mirjana did not know what to say. She just kept on repeating:

- No, this is not true. I can`t believe it. I don`t know what to say –

As we stated our condolences, as well as disbelief that something like this happened, Mirjana was brief:

- This is unimaginable for me. We were supposed to have our divorce hearing on December 5. No, I wouldn`t wish this upon anyone ever -

However, one person was hurt most in the matter – Ivo and Mirjana Pukanic`s underage daughter Sara.

- Jesus, what will happen to Sara now? This really is too much, I can`t do it any longer – she said.

Ivo Pukanic and Niko Franjic Killed