JUNE 24 2007 13:59h

NATO Seminar in Dubrovnik


At the conference, the delegates will debate some security and political issues relevant to the southeast European countries.

A three-day conference started in Dubrovnik on the subject “Southeast Europe: unfinished business.” 

The conference was organized by the Croatian Parliament and the NATO Parliamentary Assembly and there are 150 participants in attendance, among which about 70 parliament representatives from NATO member states and candidate countries. 

The participants will debate some relevant security and political issues, important to the countries in southeast Europe, during the three-day conference

The head of the delegates of the Croatian Parliament at the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Prof. Dr. Kresimir Cosic told the press that one of the most important topics at the conference was related to the process of expanding NATO and the ability of Croatia, Albania and Macedonia to remove the small, remaining issues in which they lag behind or the objections which were expressed in some way.

“Some other important and security matters will also be discussed, such as the Kosovo issue and Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Cosic pointed out. 

He assessed that such conferences were very significant because of the participation of a huge number of parliament representatives and the role they play in the wider international community in the shaping of the final stances on the issues that are important for this region. 

“What is of particular interest to us are the viewpoints of the parliament representatives who give their full support to the process of NATO expansion for the summit that will take place in Bucharest in 2008,” concluded the chief delegate of the Croatian Parliament at the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Prof. Dr. Kresimir Cosic.