OCTOBER 8 2009 21:47h

No vengeance will ever apalliate my pain




On Vedran Puljić's burial, tragically deceased in recent football fans' riots in Široki Brijeg

Vedran's younger brother Igor told to the thousands of gathered people at the municipal cemetary that his brother - wasn't perfect, but had a character of his own -.

A several kilometres long cortege gathered around five thousand people that went this thursday from the Asim Ferhatović Hase stadium in the direction of the municipal cemetary in Sarajevo, where a burial of Vedran Puljić, a football fan killed in Široki Brijeg took place. Thousands of younger people came for burial dressed in t-shirts on which was written "Vedran, rest in peace", and according to the wish of his parents, t-shirts were in white colour.

Tens of fans were with swathed heads, broken legs and arms, carrying crutches in order to say goodbye to a colleague, which easily could have been in his place. Besides football fans from Mostar, Zenica, Tuzla, Travnik and other cities, funeral was also attended by Ćiro Blažević followed by the Bosnia and Herzegovina football team leader, Emir Spahić and Džemal Berberović. Players of FC Sarajevo, accompanied by the members of the club board of directors, helping mourning parents to pay the funeral also attended funeral.

Vedran's brother Igor held a quite emotional speech as he cherished the moments spent together with his older brother. says that Igor thanked everyone on their support, saying that Vedran always belonged to him, his mother and father and that it will remain that way.

His heart, says Igor, was always full of love for Igor, and now there's no one to call him "klempo", no one that he'll call "chubby cheeks". - He was my heart and my soul - said Puljić emphasizing that Vedran -wasn't quite perfect, but unlike most of men he was an impersonation of a character and always stood to his principles. -

Judging by his words - no vengeance will ever palliate either his or his parents' pain. - Igor told to the gathered crowd that he really hopes this situation will serve as a warning and a premonition to everyone to hold their peace so this kind of thing no longer happen, says Pincom.