APRIL 4 2009 14:06h

Obama Gives President Mesic Washington Treaty Copy

Stjepan Mesic, Barack Obama, Ivo Sanader




Albania and Croatia have already done a lot on behalf of NATO, Barack Obama said, alluding to soldiers participating in peace missions.

Reuters-.--.-Stjepan Mesic, Barack Obama, Ivo Sanader The NATO summit in Strasbourg began with a minute of silence for people who had been killed on behalf of NATO. After that, French President Nicolas Sarkozy held a speech. 

He said the summit was taking place in Germany and France to show that these two countries ensure peace and security together.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed that Afghanistan is NATO’s biggest challenge.

We must define our goals and periodically determine what has been achieved, Merkel said. NATO’s Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, welcomed the two new members of the organisation, Albania and Croatia.

You have definitely deserved your place at this table and I congratulate you on that, he said.

U.S. President Barack Obama stressed that Croatia and Albania have already done a lot on behalf of the Alliance, alluding to soldiers taking part in peace missions.

- We are proud to have you as allies – Obama stressed, after which he handed a copy of the Washington Agreement to Croatia’s President Stjepan Mesic.

At a working dinner on Friday, Croatia’s President Stjepan Mesic spoke to leaders of NATO, stressing that Croatia, as a new member, does not intend on just using the benefits of the membership, but also contribute to the Alliance’s joint goals and missions.

Leaders of NATO member countries were greeted on the German side of the Rhine River by Chancellor Angela Merkel, while on the French side, they were greeted by French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

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