NOVEMBER 23 2007 16:24h

Osijek Sports Hall Construction Contract Signed


After several months of agony, a contract was finally signed on Osijek sports hall construction.

Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sport representatives signed a contract in Osijek today with “Osijek-Koteks” construction company about the construction and equipment of the “Gradski vrt” sports hall.

The hall was originally supposed to be constructed after the public-private partnership programme, with the city of Osijek, the government and a private partner participating, in the amount of 843 million kuna. However, the price was a cause of conflicts and breakdown of the city coalition authorities at the time, Croatian Democratic Parliament of Slavonia and Baranja – Croatian Party of Rights (HDSSB-HSP).

As the contract states, construction and complete equipping of the sports hall will be completely financed from the state budget. Tax payers will have to pay 163.5 million kuna, while costs that include construction of nearby roads, accompanying infrastructure and consulting will amount to 173.7 million kuna.

The contract was signed by State Secretary of the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sport Nevio Setic and “Osijek-Koteks” company director Drago Tadic, with Croatian Parliament President Vladimir Seks present.

Osijek nearly lost this object and hosting the 2009 World Handball Championship. Due to several months of agony related to the construction.

- The hall must be finalised within the deadline – Seks added, pointing out the Osijek sports hall is the only one in Croatia that is being constructed in such a fashion, for the necessities of the 2009 World Handball Championship and that the deadline is November 20 next year.

When asked, how come the sports hall dropped from 843 to 163 million kuna, Seks replied that the different price is a result of the public-private partnership model, conditioned by including capital and interest prices, to 20 years and more, but that the actual price of construction is 163 million kuna.