JANUARY 13 2008 11:35h

Parliament Votes: General Released on Bail


The Croatian parliament decided to accept a decision that was made by the immunity panel, for general Glavas’ immunity.

ZAGREB, CROATIA - After a discussion, the Croatian parliament decided to accept a decision made by the immunity panel. The decision concerned the immunity of the parliamentarian and general accused of war crimes, Branimir Glavas.

There are various levels of parliamentary immunity available, including: immunity from court proceedings, and immunity from arrest/being held in custody.

Both the immunity panel and Croatian parliament came to the same conclusion as far as Glavas’ immunity is concerned. His immunity from court proceedings was removed. This means that the war crimes trials against him will continue. Glavas will keep his immunity against arrest/prison, which means that Glavas will be free on bail to defend himself at his trial.

General Branimir Glavas, member of parliament, has been on trial for allegedly ordering the killing of Serb civilians in the eastern town of Osijek in 1991. He has been on hunger strike for two months, ever since he was imprisoned on remand and during trial. His health has severely deteriorated and he has been in and out of hospital.