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PHOTO: UFO Sighted Over Zadar?

Kata Colic


Kata Colic Recor ...


The author of the recording of unusual lights over Zadar says she does not know if it was a UFO, but wants it to be investigated.

The unusual light, UFO or plane that many residents near Zadar saw left a strong impression on Kata Colic and her family members, who looked towards the sky over Zadar with expectation.

According to what I saw, some sort of weird light is in question, and the recording is very bad and everything is shaking because it is hard to zoom such a small point. People are prone to see everything in it, and that light can be anything, a military balloon, ordinary light or something else. But the fact is that last night there was a lot of humidity in the air last night, because of which what we see in the recording can be an optical illusion, because the light occasionally changes colour

Ivo Dijan, member of Zadar’s astronomy association

“Today you could see the same unusual light in the sky above St. Filip and Jakov like yesterday, only it is slightly smaller. We noticed it around 9am” said Kata Colic, the author of the “UFO” recording that was flying around Zadar last night.

“The light was above St. Filip and Jakov and it was slowly moving towards St. Petar. This lasted around half an hour, and then the light disappeared over the sea near the St. Mihovil transmitter near Zadar” describes Kata Colic.

Many world scientists and experts explain people’s UFO sightings as seeing the planet Venus, the aurora borealis or a meteorological balloon. However, Croatia is too far away from the poles for polar light, and Venus and balloons do not change their colour and size.

There is certainly a rational explanation

-.-Željko Skroče-.-An unusual light in the sky over Zadar, Croatia, recorded by Kata Colic´s camera.“Whilst it was moving, it was becoming bigger and was changing colour. One moment it was red, then green, then a combination of red and green” described Kata Colic.

She herself does not consider the unusual occurrence to be a “visitation” by aliens and knows there certainly must be a rational explanation of the phenomenon that can easily stimulate the imagination, creating stories of visitors from a faraway galaxy whose motives of visiting are unknown.

“First we joked at home that aliens have come to visit us, but then we later agreed that somebody should investigate the lights in the sky. I do not know if it is a UFO, plane or something else, but the experts should deal with it” said Kata Colic. She added that they have already contacted experts in Zadar who said that what can be seen in the recording is not a UFO but an ordinary appearance in the atmosphere.

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