FEBRUARY 9 2009 18:20h

Slovenia Ratifies Croatia’s Accession in NATO

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Out of the 85 present MPs at the parliament session, 75 voted for the ratification and 11 voted against Croatia entering NATO.

ZAGREB, CROATIA – On Monday afternoon, the Slovenian parliament adopted with a two-thirds majority the Law on the Ratification of Croatia’s Accession Protocol for Entry into NATO. 

Out of the total 86 members of parliament who were resent at the session, 75 voted for the law, while 11 voted against. With this, the law was adopted because more than two-thirds of MPs voted in favour of the law.

Beforehand, members of the Slovenian parliament unanimously adopted the law on Albania’s accession protocol to NATO.

Croatia’s Foreign Ministry hails the Slovenian parliament’s decision

The Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integrations commends the decision of the Croatian parliament about adopting the law on Croatia joining NATO, the ministry said in statement.

With this act, the Slovenian parliament became the 21st out of the 26 NATO members which ratified the protocol on expansion of the Alliance to Croatia, the statement said.

Croatia is also soon expecting the protocol on accession to NATO from the remaining NATO members – Greece, Iceland, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and Portugal – so Croatia could take part as a full member in April’s NATO summit in Strasbourg and Kehl, on occasion of the marking of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of NATO.