OCTOBER 22 2008 11:55h

Suspects Confess to Attacking Luka Ritz

Suspect in Luka Ritz murder is brought to the Zagreb Municipal Criminal Court.




Of the five suspects, two are 17-year-olds, one is 15 years old, one is a 16-year-old and one just turned 18.

ZAGREB, CROATIA – The suspects in the murder of Luka Ritz were brought to the Zagreb Municipal Criminal Court on Wednesday. The suspects include two 17-year-olds, a 15-year-old, a 16-year-old and an 18-year-old.

All of the suspects confessed to attacking 19-year-old Luka Ritz. Four of the minors confessed in the presence of their parents, while the only adult suspect did so in the presence of his attorney.

Two of the suspects have been charged with violent behaviour, inflicting grievous bodily harm andBruno Pavuša-.--.-Supects in the Luka Ritz murder case are brought to the Zagreb Municipal Criminal Court. causing death of Luka Ritz, while all five have been charged with violent behaviour and inflicting grievous bodily harm to Luka’s friend.

Another young man was with the suspects that night, but he left before they started beating up Luka Ritz. He was brought in for questioning on Tuesday, but was released.

Some details have been made public about the attack in June. When it had been reported in the media that Luka Ritz had died in hospital as a consequence of being beaten up, all those who took part in the attack realised what they had done, but they made a pact never to tell anybody. Some of them had been interviewed by police previously.

Luka’s friend was called in to identify suspects 60 times 

The police informed that they had spoken to more than 1,500 people in the past several months and Luka Ritz’s friend was called in to identify suspects 60 times.

Luka’s mother Suzana Ritz confirmed this morning that the police had told her that Luka’s killer was among the arrested suspects.

- The police did not reveal the details, they just confirmed that they discovered who attacked Luka. My husband and I are very excited, we did not sleep a wink last night. This is a small step in the fight against attackers in the city – Suzana Ritz told us.

The police confirmed the same to us. Zagreb police spokeswoman Aleksandra Ljuba told us the Luka Ritz case was solved.