SEPTEMBER 19 2007 10:24h

Vote for HSP Is Vote for SDP – Sanader


Every vote less for HDZ is a vote for our rivals, said Sanader in response to Djapic’s claim that HDZ and SDP were Siamese twins.

President of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) Ivo Sanader said at the party assembly yesterday to tell friends, family and colleagues who are having a dilemma between the HDZ and Croatian Party of Rights (HSP) that only a vote for the HDZ was a vote for the welfare of Croatiia. 

-A vote for the HSP is a vote for the SDP (Social Democratic Party) and every vote less for the HDZ is a point for our political rivals – Sanader said, reiterating that if votes were dispersed on several parties, the points went to political rivals.

Commenting on a statement from HSP’s president Ante Djapic that the HDZ and SDP were Siamese twins, Sanader said Djapic could not slam the HDZ like that and expect the HDZ to keep mum.

‘HDZ’s policy is that of leftist parties’ 

Commenting on Sanader’s statements, Djapic told Croatian national television that such a HDZ move was to be expected.

-We prepared for the campaign and we saw such an attack coming – said HSP’s president, adding that his party had had various experiences with the HDZ, which, said Djapic, were not too great, so they were much more cautious.

He added that Sanader was running away from the realistic and that in the past years the HDZ’s policy had been leftist party policy.

-There is no difference between the SDP and HDZ and it is logical that the HDZ will try to keep its voters by scaring them with such rhetoric – Djapic said.