JUNE 1 2009 01:20h

Zagreb County Has Five New Mayors





Five new mayors have been chosen in Dugo Selo, Samobor, Sveta Nedelja, Vrbovec and Zapresic, and heads of government in 10 electorates.

In the second round of the local elections, five new mayors were chosen in the Zagreb County: Vlado Kruhak (HSS/HDZ) is the mayor of Dugo Selo, Kreso Beljak (HSS) is the mayor of Samobor, Drago Prahin (HDZ/HSS) is the mayor of Sveta Nedelja, Vladimir Bregovic (HDZ/HSS/HSU) is the mayor of Vrbovec, and Zeljko Turk (HDZ/HSS/HSU/ZS) is the mayor of Zapresic, reports the County Electoral Committee (ZIP).

Kruhak beat the SDP/HNS candidate Boris Mahac in Dugo Selo, Beljak beat the HDZ candidate Tomislav Masten in Samobor, Drago Prahin beat the SDP/HSU candidate Roman Semenic, Vladimir Bregovic beat the HNS candidate Josip Jambrac, and Zeljko Turk beat the independent candidate Dario Baca.

In the second round of the elections, the heads of local government were chosen in the following electorates: Bedenica, Brdovec, Dubrava, Klinca Sela, Klostar Ivanic, Krasic, Kriz, Luka, Preseka and Stupnik.