MARCH 21 2008 04:20h

Zagreb’s Mayor Protects Fans, Punks Panic




Speculations that fans will seek revenge for the death of Frane Despic is stupidity – said Ivan Sagud from the fan club.

ZAGREB, CROATIA - Speculations that the Bad Blue Boys (the fan club of the Zagreb football team Dinamo, BBB for short) are planning “revenge” for the death of Frane Despic with an attack against Zagreb’s punks, metal-heads and alternatives is pure stupidity – they claim from the fan club.

In a telephone conversation, Ivan Sagud, the president of Dinamo’s fan club, told us that the Boys do not want to provoke unrest between any subcultures, especially in the city they live in.

BBB: We will not make statements for every stupidity

Reuters-.--.-Dinamo Zagreb supporters light flares after their UEFA Cup Group B soccer match defeat against Brann in BergenThe fan club was asked why they have not issued a statement distancing them from the anonymous email, in which they warn people to keep clear of Zagreb’s Josip Jelacic Square, because of the alleged gathering of 200 or so fans that will go on a “hunt” to popular alternative gathering places, including Mocvara, Route 66 and similar. The fan club responded by saying that they do not have to make a statement for every stupidity, and that they only make statements when serious issues are in question.

Sagud: Nothing good comes from revenge

Domagoj Pavelić-.--.-When asked about a sub-group of Dinamo’s fans, the so called "Agramer Crew", that is know to the public to be very aggressive and destructive, Sagud claims that their “actions” have been greatly exaggerated.

- The brutality of the fans is always mentioned, but what about police brutality? There are millions of situations where they arrest us and bother us only because we are members of a fan club. I can only say that there will always be situations where somebody gets into a fight for one reason or another, but this tense situation will calm down in a few days time, that is certain – said Sagud. He added that the fan club can not be held responsible for acts of certain individuals, and that the fan club does not support violence.

“We will try to stop the gathering from occurring”

The chief of Zagreb’s police department Marijan Tomurad said that people should not be concerned for safety in the city, calling upon media headlines a few days ago since the death of Frane Despic.

Reuters-.--.-The police are being accused of not reacting on time to an “incident” at Ribnjak, which is often the case.

However, Tomurad claims that the police arrived as soon as they could and that the police patrols are doing their job correctly. He added that he will strengthen security on the streets and during football matches, on top of the security that is already being implemented.

The police will not take any extra actions for the anonymous email.

- We will try to stop any gathering, but we will not place police officers at the doors of Mocvara or the Hard Rock Café – concluded Tomurad.

Zagreb’s mayor: I will not play prophet

-.--.-Zagreb’s mayor Milan Bandic said that he has not heard of any gathering by Dinamo’s fan club, and that he does not answer to questions of the type; what if…

Bandic said that the media should not hang anybody before anything actually occurs, meaning the revenge for the death of the fan Frane Despic.

The anonymous email and events in Ribnjak sent fear into the bones of zagreb’s residents before Easter. Is this just talk from some unserious quasi fans, a media “duck” or does Zagreb really have to prepare for a “bloody” Easter, will be known on Saturday. According to stories from the streets, punks, metal-heads, rockers and other members of sub-cultures are greatly concerned about the alleged revenge by the Bad Blue Boys, but the bravest will still go out on Saturday night, but will not wear any “giveaway” markings/clothing in order to avoid becoming a potential target.