JANUARY 10 2008 23:48h

Dubai Constructing Isla Moda - Fashion Island


Construction of the first fashion island in the world is planned, which will hold all activities linked with fashion and beauty.

United Arab Emirates cannot stop turning the sea into land. After three demanding projects, the Dubai Towers, Burja al-Arab and the Palm resorts, construction of an island which will absolutely be dedicated to fashion is being planned! Fashion wonder or human perversion? Dubai Infinity Holdings has announced plans to develop the first fashion island in the world – Isla Moda.

The multimillion island, which will be located on an artificial archipelago called “The world”, will have fashion-themed residential villas, haute couture boutiques and luxury medical facilities.

Fashion experts will be present on Isla Moda, willing o provide advice on clothing, fragrances and fashion make-overs. Residents will be allowed to create their own living environment with hand-made furniture, art and technology.

World`s top designers from every continent should participate in the island`s development with the aim of improving tourism by attracting the world`s elite.

Residents will be granted VVIP access (Very, Very Important Person). Fashion shows will be held and beauty products launched on the fashion island. Designers will also be offered their own studios to work in during the holidays. First villa complex, called “the winter collection” will be on sale in the final quarter of 2008.