JUNE 22 2007 14:12h

Joe Corre Refuses to Receive Award from Blair


Joe Corre, Westwood`s only child, refused the Queen`s award which would make him one of rare honorary artists on the Royal list.

Great name in the fashion world, Joe Corre, co-founder of Agent Provocateur, refused MBE, title which would make him one of the royal honorary artists.

Joe Corre and his wife and partner Sarena Rees, are also one of the most provocative London couples who touch on global policies of America and England, general globalisation of market and celebrity trash in general, through presenting their Agent Provocateur underwear line as performances.

Bad Georgy gets spanked

Thus, some of the marketing ventures included a parade of Agent Provocateur models at London Fashion Week with banners “More S&M, Less M&S”. There was room for video clips with Kylie Minogue riding a mechanical bull, pronouncing “This is the sexiest underwear in the world”, as well as a George Bush clone, getting spanked by a dominatrix.

It is no wonder that the child of punk parents is a punk and an anarchist down to the very core. Joe is the only child of British fashion goddess of punk, Vivienne Westwood and founder and manager of Sex Pistols, Malcom McLaren.

Joe and Serena took the underwear into the limelight, obviously inspired by the boutique of their parent, Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die, after “Sexom” after which Vivienne and McLaren sold fetish and leather clothing.

Joe Corre obtained the MBE award with his fashion work. His wife and business partner Serena Rees was “delighted”, while Corre refuse to receive his award because he considers its presenter Tony Blair to be “morally corrupt”.

Receive honours only from an honourable man

-To receive this MBE as an honour, it would mean foe me that I have to accept the prime minister as someone capable of giving honours, in fact a honourable man, which I cannot do in my heart- said the designer, stating wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as key factors in his decision.

To the large majority of the population, Tony is a hated figure. Let us only remember the protests which got small media coverage, even though 50,000 people: intellectuals, artists and musicians participated, together with Joe and Serena, of course.

Blair tried to volunteer when it comes to his reconciliation with art by debuting in a Hollywood film by Shekhar Lapur, based on an eco crisis of global warming. Even though he wears designer suits, he seems to prefer the one of B`s clown.

What assets does the Queen have, apart from hats?

Joe pointed out that this move is in no way reflected on the Queen, for whom he said it would be an honour to have her as a client. Perhaps “Agent Provocateur” presents this in the next fashion show with Elisabeth`s clone.

Punk`s Not Dead

Anti-Constitutional gestures are in Corre`s blood. His mother Vivienne Westwood famously arrived at the reception of her Queen`s MBE award without her panties on in 1992. The apple does not fall far from the tree and solid roots of this family prove that Punk`s not dead.