FEBRUARY 25 2008 13:57h

Eduardo Could Have Lost His Foot




The fact the doctors promptly reacted saved Eduardo`s foot.

Physiotherapist Tim Allardyce revealed that if the doctors had been late, Martin Taylor`s dangerous tackle could have resulted in Eduardo`s foot being amputated.

- You can lose the foot, simple as. Once the foot dislocates like that, it can badly damage the blood vessels and it's very, very serious – he said on BBC Radio Five.

Allardyce explained how tragic consequences can be avoided.

- The foot needs to be relocated immediately or almost immediately to save it and emergency surgery is completely necessary. Imagine your worst ankle sprain and make it about 10 times worse and you're getting close to where Eduardo is -.

Allardyce warned Dudu that his recovery path to the pitch is a very long one.

- He could be out for several months. We'd expect a normal person to be out for about six months. With the level of fitness he'll need to get back to, it could be anywhere around the nine month mark. Potentially, the bones will heal but there's all the other damage around the area, such as the ligament damage, the tendon damage, the soft tissue damage, the damage to the joint capsule. He's going to have to do an awful lot of work to regain full mobility and strength to the ankle to get him up to the standard of playing international football -.

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