APRIL 1 2008 20:42h

Eduardo's Injury Will Change English Football




The trainer of Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson, thinks that Eduardo da Silva’s injury has changed English football forever.

The Manchester United coach, Sir Alex Ferguson, thinks that Eduardo da Silva’s injury will change the face of English football forever. 

Reuters-.--.-According to Ferguson, more frequent injuries and rough tackles may soon transform the usually tough English football into the continental type, where referees punish every infraction, which slows down the game.

- The English game will change now after the tackle against Eduardo. It has to change because of that. Arsene Wenger himself came out and criticised his own player - Abou Diaby - after he was sent off for a bad tackle at Bolton on Saturday. The world does change - Ferguson said.

The referee is already supposed to punish every rough tackle with a red card, and players like Cristiano Ronaldo could make very good use of this, these are players who often publicly ask for a wider protection from the referee.

- In Europe, you get far more protection for the player with the ball. In our game there seems to be an attack every three seconds, so there is always a risk of more tackles at pace and more risk of injury – Ferguson added.