JUNE 9 2008 05:01h

Modric: Goalkeeper Was Far From My Penalty





The striker of the winning goal Luka Modric is aware of the mistakes of the match, but three points is what matters in the end.

With a goal in the fourth minute, Luka Modric decided the match, but the young player from Zadar, Croatia and the great reinforcement to Tottenham is not happy with the match.

- In the first half we (Croatia) were better than the Austrians, they might have applied some pressure for around ten minutes. In the second half Austria was better and they had initiative. The most important thing is that they did not have some good opportunities. They were all centre-shots, nothing concrete.

One of our great disadvantages was the lack of our small connections

- The game-play was really lacking, but we are aware of that. The field was dry and the ball slowed down, maybe that was one of the reasons. We have to move a lot more if we intend on having our combinatory play, but now we have to forget it all. For now it is most important that we won this match.

Luka announced that Croatia will be a lot better against the Germans, and told everyone that he was certain when he had to take the penalty.

- I am happy with the way that I shot the penalty kick, the goalkeeper was not even close. He moved a little bit early and helped with my decision.

Just like Mladen Petric after Wembley, Luka decided to keep his jersey on him.

- I kept the jersey from the match on me, but I exchanged my reserve jersey with Vastic. This is a great memory for me, my first goal and win, and all of that on my first match. That is why I kept it on me. The atmosphere was phenomenal, when we saw the fans we had to win for them. I congratulate them and I hope they will be like that in the future.