MAY 7 2007 21:27h

Schumacher`s Return to Formula 1 World


Former Formula 1 world champion did not last long without Formula and will be in Ferrari`s team as advisor this weekend.

Michael Schumacher did not last long without the smell and sound of the Formula 1 race track. Schumi returns to the world of octane after eight months and will be in Ferrari`s team on Sunday. Five-time world champion in the Ferrari team will perform the function of advisor and thus will, with the return of Formula 1 in Europe, the German return to his life.

The new Ferrari “consigliere” will be on the track near Barcelona on Friday and the entire weekend and thus be a golden advisor to Massi and Raikkonen. Former world champion will, apart from advising drivers, continue doing what he was doing while he was a driver, improving the bolide of the horsy on hind legs. They especially stress at Ferrari that last week`s testings at Circuit de Catalunya were used very well and that the new F2007 is even more improved. While Raikkonen said that such a bolide suits his driving style even better.