JUNE 27 2008 10:28h

UEFA to Punish HNS Due to Fascist Signs?

Zorislav Srebric - Head secretary of the Croatian Football Federation (HNS).




The Croatian Football Federation could be punished due to fascist signs that Croatian football fans bore in Austria and Switzerland.

According to Serbian newspaper Vecernje Novosti, the Croatian Football Federation (HNS) could be drastically punished due to the behaviour Croatian fans.

After receiving a 60 thousand frank fine the HNS could be get an even worse punishment, if UEFA proves that Croatian football fans bore fascist signs during Croatia’s games.

UEFA observers allegedly noticed Croatian supporters and photographed fascist signs. The photographs were forwarded to UEFA headquarters in Lyon.

Is Srebric to blame?

In addition to that, UEFA could take measure against the head secretary of t he HNS, Zorislav Srebric, who proudly stated that UEFA praised Croatian supporters, but forgot to mentioned a warning the Croatian Federation received.

If this information turn out to be true, it could happen that the Croatian football clubs are expelled from European club competitions, or most likely the Croatian national team will have to play in empty stadiums. This would be a big handicap for the Bilic boys in the coming qualifications for the World Cup, especially against England in Zagreb’s Maksimir.