FEBRUARY 26 2008 13:32h

Wenger Cancels Training, Players Visit Dudu




Arsenal players displayed great union when they visited Eduardo da Silva in hospital and wished him all the best for his birthday.

Eduardo da Silva is very much beloved wherever he turns up, as was proven by a gesture of Arsenal’s coach, Arsene Wenger, who cancelled the afternoon training session so the players could go to visit Dudu in hospital and wish him a happy 25th birthday.

According to some sources, there was laughter and good cheer behind the London Independent Hospital doors, there is no doubt that the players’ gesture and the cake and presents they brought turned Eduardo’s attention away from his pain for at least a while and spurred him to recuperate and get back to the football field as soon as possible.

There are still speculations going on in football circles whether Martin Taylor’s attack was intentional or not. His coach Alex McLeish is convinced of Taylor’s innocence, claiming the player had no intention of doing what he had done.

Had Martin by any chance received a yellow instead of a red card, I doubt he could have continued with the match. He was very upset and there was no intention in his action, McLeish said.

Birmingham City fans are calling their player completely insane and some of them think that Taylor’s act was no coincidence, that somebody could have convinced him to execute revenge because England had dropped out of the European Championships.

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