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NOVEMBER 5 2007 13:56h

9/11: No Arabs Were on Flight 77


Official documents of the U.S. Armed Forces Institute of Pathology say there were no Arabs on the plane that crashed into the Pentagon.

The official report of an ‘independent’ commission that conducted a ‘thorough and detailed’ investigation into the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks says that five Arabs hijacked an American Airlines plane (Flight 77), who, using their great, masterly skills of manoeuvring, crashed the plane straight into the centre of American military power.

As it is the case with the rest of the movie scenarios and stunt staging we witnessed that day, the “Pentagon incident” left behind numerous unanswered questions, so the world public is still wondering whether “Reichstag” was hit by the Boeing 757-223, or Superman or a flying Dick Cheney.

Intentionally or not, the said dilemma is ideal material for constructing conspiracy theories that areAlex Jones, preacher, theoretician of silliness, freelance artist, one-man circus act and the CIA's valuable associate perfect for causing more damage than are useful and about which somebody could realise are not without merit and that the plethora of disinformation in the public was a rather good cover for the September crime of global character. So, let’s drop the “hunt for the Boeing” and speculation about the never identified flying object that hit the Pentagon and let’s search for the facts.

The pilot that was not 

Who and what were the hijackers who managed to hijack the airplanes with scalpels and proceed to crash them into weakly defended targets with unbelievable precision in the centre of the most secure air space in the world? Whoever Googled knows well that among them there are living dead, that is, that there are reports about at least seven of the 19 hijackers being still alive and kicking. Here and there there are interesting reports that they were individuals who lived (or are still living) by the strict Islam book of rules Shari, so they enjoy their liquor while luscious strippers sit in their laps.

Hani HanjourIn the case of the Pentagon and Flight 77, the most interesting rascal is Hani Hanjour who allegedly flew the Boeing, although all civilian flight instructors who tested his flying skills concluded the guy could not even fly a Cessna. For example, when Hani tried to enrol at the CRM pilot training centre in Scottsdale in Arizona in the spring of 2000, his application was turned down because the instructors concluded the boy simply “cannot fly”.

Still, and according to the official rhapsody, Hani successfully managed to perform incredibly complex manoeuvres that not even experienced flying experts would be ashamed of. Somehow he managed to fly the plane faster than its specifications allowed and his last manoeuvre was so stunning that he completely confused the flight recording device. So he coldly refuses to confirm the official story, which is an amusing anecdote that deserves our complete attention on some other opportunity.

Truth be told, there are a whole bunch of interesting and (not) funny instances and perhaps all that would be worth mentioning had the pilot Hani Hanjour been on the airplane and flying it when (and if) it hit the Pentagon.

Hunting Arabs 

Some less known facts relating to September 11 includes the fact that there is a problem with flight manifests on all the flights on which the hijackers allegedly were. In the case of Flight 77, the following people should have been on the plane:Prince Bush and King Abdullah- Thou are my love and I am thine, would you be my Valentine

- Hani Hanjour – pilot

- Khalid al-Mihdhar

- Majed Moqed

-Nawaf al-Hazmi

- Salem al-Hazmi

They should have been, but were not. According to a passenger manifest ‘certified’ by the Associated Press and published by CNN, there was not a single Arab passenger on the plane that penetrated the Pentagon, let alone the above five. Some may think this highly suspicious but this is by no means certain proof, especially when we are discussing an event in which entire buildings collapsed without even a word about it being uttered by the mainstream media. We will soon reveal why this is so, but before we do, we must present undisputed, official proof, that not a single Arab was on Flight 77.

This proof was obtained by a retired American Navy officer from New Orleans, Thomas R. Olmsted. He found it interesting that the boys sneaked on board the plane without being detected or recorded by anybody, so by Freedom of Information Act he requested insight into the results of autopsies that, by the way, successfully identified 58 out of 59 passengers, although there was (almost) nothing left from the plane.

Anyhow, Olmsted received a response from an official state body, that is, the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. Meaning, proof that does not stand rejection, proof that accompanies this article and that confirms that which is already known from the passenger list.

There was not a single Arab on Flight 77.