AUGUST 1 2008 12:28h

America Sent Anthrax to Its Citizens in 2001!





After a leading U.S. government biochemical scientist committed suicide because he was under scrutiny of the FBI, many questions arose.

The terrible attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 shocked the United States. -.--.-Attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001Some time after the attack, the demoralised nation was once again attacked by letters containing deadly anthrax. But how demoralising is the fact that members of the American government sent the anthrax to their own people?

American government letters contained anthrax 

This fact emerged last night after biochemist Bruce E. Ivins, 62, committed suicide. He was the main suspect for sending anthrax to U.S. citizens. When he learnt that the Department of Justice would launch an investigation into him, he committed suicide. The burden was just too much for him because who knows who else Ivins would involve in the case. The case that will certainly be marked as a conspiracy theory. Perhaps someone discovers Ivins did not actually commit suicide, but was killed by those who felt he was the weakest link who would expose all those involved.

What exactly made Ivins take his own life may never be known for certain. But a story that the NewScientist published back in 2002 has been made topical again. The leading science portal in America published a story about anthrax that originated from American laboratories.

-.--.-Scientist- The DNA sequence of the anthrax sent through the US mail in 2001 has been revealed and confirms suspicions that the bacteria originally came from a US military laboratory. New work shows that substantial genetic differences can emerge in two samples of an anthrax culture separated for only three years. This means the attacker's anthrax was not separated from its ancestors at USAMRIID for many generations – the portal writes. It added that the anthrax had been cultivated to find antibodies more easily and protect citizens.

Five dead and 17 infected used as justification for war in Afghanistan 

The data proves that the American government was responsible for the killing of five and infecting of 17 American citizens! It sounds horrific, but if the time of the attack is taken into account, September 18, 2001, and the urgent need to attack Afghanistan, that is Al-Qaeda, and later Iraq, making the people more terrified was absolutely necessary.

The claims were confirmed by the head of a team of scientists of North Arizona University, Paul Keim. His team worked on a part of the Anthrax called Ames, together with a team of researchers from Rockville, Maryland, called TIGR for short. The anthrax sequence they worked on was not lethal.

The anthrax found in Florida reporter Robert Stevens contained Ames, Keim said, confirming that the anthrax was not sent by foreign terrorists, but from American laboratories.

It is time for the Bush administration to answer some questions Reuters-.--.-U.S. President George W. Bush and Vice-President Dick Cheney

So the story goes back to Ivins and his suicide. After evidence they got in 2002, the leading scientists established that it is possible to cultivate an identical structure of the bacteria and that Keim and his team could have made a mistake.

Still, the Department of Justice did not start an investigation without reason, just as Ivins did not kill himself without reason. American citizens could be shocked by the truth. Imagine what the average American citizen would think if he learnt that the American government deliberately caused the death of five innocent people and endangered the lives of 17 others. The Bush administration has found itself in new problems that could lead to a comprehensive investigation, as well as punishment for those responsible.

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