FEBRUARY 12 2007 15:08h

Attack on WTC Enters Guinness’s World Records


The attack on the WTC in New York was entered in the Guinness World Book of Records as the deadliest individual terrorist attack.

To make matters worse, they even urged for the record to be broken. But, the record was soon deleted from the pages. 

The entry looked like any other. The number of people who died was entered, as were the date and location of the attack. Maybe there would have been no comments, because a record is a record, had it not been for an addition that said “break this record”.

Of course, the grotesque entry was soon deleted, but not without trace. Several forums around the world started a discussion on whether the publishing of such a record was the right thing to do. Some claim that out of respect for the victims and their families, the killing of almost 3,000 people should not be reduced to a record, while others claim that the Guinness Book of Records also listed the deadliest snakes and other records. Here there is also no respect for the victims, they say.