FEBRUARY 24 2009 08:15h

Day In Photos - February 23, 2009

Palestinian children look on in Gaza City




While Carnival takes place in Germany and political figures are mocked, Gaza recovers from Israeli aggression.

Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor as a wolf or a huge gun with the image of Vladimir Putin, Russian PM, these are some of the sights during the Carnival in Dusseldorf, as Germany mocked the world`s politicians, blaming them for the financial crisis, i.e. not solving it, as well as other burning issues.

A bit further to the East, Gaza is recovering from Israeli missiles. The streets are covered in torn-down walls and the walls are covered in holes. Children, women and husbands lost their parents or spouses, all in the name of hunting Hamas members, who supposedly took shelter among civilians.

The USA sent humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, and now the only thing left to do is to renew thousands of Palestinian homes destroyed in shellings.

You can see photos of Palestinian children and other images which marked the day in the attached photo gallery: Day In Photos - February 23, 2009.