APRIL 9 2009 08:46h

Family Reports Politician Ante Jelavic Kidnapped

Ante Jelavic




Ante Jelavic, former Croatian member of the Bosnia-Herzegovina Presidency was kidnapped on Wednesday afternoon or night.

Ante Jelavic, former Croatian member of the Bosnia-Herzegovina Presidency was kidnapped on Wednesday afternoon or night under unclarified circumstances at an unknown location, most probably in Zagreb, Croatia, the Vecernji list daily writes.

His family members supposedly gave a statement for the police on Wednesday night after the kidnappers demanded ransom. According to the Vecernji list daily, the police have already checked Jelavic`s telephone calls.

After the decision of high international representative in BH Wolfgang Petritsch, Ante Jelavic was relieved of duty in 2001 as Croatian member of the BH Presidency because Croats from Bosnia-Herzegovina politically rebelled in the Croatian self-administration project.

After moving to Croatia, Jelavic withdrew from the public and political scene and he was hiding at a secret location, due to fears that Bosniak secret services might abduct him and take to trial in Sarajevo.

While in Bosnia-Herzegovina, he was sentenced to nine and a half years in prison, in an invalid verdict, in 2005 following a first-degree process for alleged abuse of position at the Hercegovacka Bank in Mostar.

The verdict was based on a report by Tony Robinson, temporary manager of the Hercegovacka Bank. He claimed that the founders and bank managers abused public funds.

- The bank`s profit was flowed in the pockets of founders and board members, their friends, relatives, business partners and political officials. the international manager`s report claimed.

The process was headed by judges of the international administration which governs BH. His attorneys appealed, and the Appeals Committee annulled the verdict, ordering a new process.

The BH Interior Ministry claims they have no official information of Ante Jelavic being kidnapped.

- Nobody from the Croatian police notified us about Jelavic`s disappearance, although I talked with Krunoslav Borovec of the Croatian police directorate. Everything the BH police know at the moment regarding this case is what we know from the media. However, surely, if we are necessary, the Croatian Interior Ministry will ask our help throughout the day – Camil Kreso, head of the BH Interior Ministry cabinet told us.