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Mass Grave Massacre Ordered By Josip Broz Tito

Mass grave in Slovenia




The Partisan army was dissolved in March 1045 and joined the Yugoslav army under Tito`s leadership.

Several days ago, the mass grave in Barbarin Rov (Barbara`s trench) was visited by historians, the police, representatives of the Slovene authorities and the state prosecutor. Over 300 bodies were found and it is suspected that the tomb hold up to 1,000 bodies. The bodies only had shoes on and these people were most likely killed with gas-

President of the People`s Liberation Army of Slovenia Soldiers` Association Janez Stanovnik told 24ur that the Partisan army was dissolved in March 1045, before the tragic massacre in Barbarin  Rov, which happened between May and September 1945. Thus, the association distanced itself from the crime and condemns it.

Tito commanded all partisans and communists-.-wikimedia commons-.-Josip Broz Tito

- The murders took place under the leadership of Josip Broz Tito – Stanovnik told the Delo daily.

- The Partisan army was dissolved in March 1945 and joined the Yugoslav Army. It acted under the leadership of Josip Broz Tito, and not the Slovene headquarters – Stanovnik explained.

Anton Drobnic, former state prosecutor says that Slovene partisans were behind all the crimes, headed by the communists.

- Tito was his commander, commander of Janez Stanovnik, the partisans and the communists – Drobnic told the Delo daily.

Paid to keep quiet

Vice president of the New Slovenia party Anton Kokalj believes that some kept quiet about the crime in Barbarin Rov for 60 years, because they were paid to do so,

- Innocent people are lying there, who were bestially killed – Kokalj told the 24ur.

Bodies will be taken away after the inquest

Newer History Museum director Joze Dezman said that the bodies would not be taken away yet from the Barbarin Rov in Huda Jama, Slovenia. He claims that the police first need to clear a part of the corridor where the shoes and clothes belonging to the victims are.

After the investigation ends, the bodies will be transported to the Maribor tomb, which was created for war crimes victims.

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