MARCH 9 2009 12:30h

Obama Allegedly Had Homosexual Affairs

U.S. President Barack Obama kisses his wife Michelle as they dance at the Eastern Regional Inaugural Ball in Washington January 20, 2009.




If Larry Sinclair’s book is to be believed, US president Barack Obama is a liar, a cocaine addict and a homosexual.

America has been engulfed in crisis. All sections of the society feel it at every step. The numerous dismissals of workers are measured in hundreds of thousands a month. Companies are accumulating losses upon losses and analysts are pessimistic in a recovery so soon. 

Electoral memories fade away

The empire that has been created for decades is on very feeble ground. Although he was welcomed as a saviour, President Obama has slowly begun changing his policies since his electoral campaign. And the critics are becoming louder and louder, with the moves of the new American Administration under the microscope.

In the past months, the media have been completely on the side of Barack Obama. They even published a prediction by Nostradamus according to which Americans will be facing a bright future under the leadership of the first dark-skinned US president.

Attack on the residents of the White House 

Still, lately, scandals have began surfacing which are definitely not making the Obama family happy. Some media say they are only a like drop of water in the ocean unless the reforms do not achieve the announced results. It is well known that the media are more than ready to make a loser out of a hero in a very brief period of time and very ruthlessly at that.

The beginning of the poison arrows relates to the just published book by Larry Sinclair entitled “Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair, Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder” that severely incriminates the American president, accusing him of everything mentioned in the title of the book, with an accent on his homosexual affairs.

The White House has so far not made any official statements about the book, but, according to the media, the White House staff have been ordered not to comment the book in front of the president’s daughters. According to media sources, the First Lady believes that the allegations in the book are absurd, disgusting and untrue. The question is, will the White House be able to ignore the book or will it denounce it as fiction and sue the author for libel.

Conflict with Ted Kennedy 

Another poison dart meant for President Obama from the media is connected to his alleged dispute with Ted Kennedy, one of the most influential senators. Allegedly, his only condition for his support to Barack Obama in the elections was to help Caroline Kennedy inherit Hillary Clinton’s seat in the Senate.

After completely unexplained circumstances, Caroline gave up her candidacy during the campaign. Reliable sources say Ted Kennedy was angry that Barack Obama did not keep his word and helped Caroline, adding that it remains to be seen who will laugh last.

It is clear to everybody that, in times of difficult reforms which Barack Obama has to implement in the United States, he needs the support of Ted Kennedy and any possible dispute with him could cause him great harm. The media also made a point of the senator’s illness and his difficult fight for his life, which added more drama to the story.