APRIL 27 2009 17:01h

Possible Swine Flu Case in Venice

Researchers at the National Veterinary Research and Quarantine Service examine samples taken from pork imported from Mexico at the NVRQS centre in Anyang




A woman who was hospitalised for suspected swine flu just got back from San Diego where even cases of the illness have been registered.

The first possible case of swine flu has been registered in Italy on Monday, the state news agency Ansa reported. A woman was hospitalised in Venice on Sunday evening with symptoms that correlate to the newest strain of the flu virus, agencies reported. 

The 31-year-old woman had just returned from San Diego in California, where seven cases of the

The swine flu, of which more than a hundred people have died so far in Mexico, has spread to the United States and health authorities are concerned of an outbreak of a pandemic, agencies reported.
disease have been registered, the AFP reports.

There are already 1,614 people infected with the swine flu in Mexico, of whom 400 are still being treated in hospitals. The United States confirmed 20 cases of infected people – eight in New York, seven in California, two in Texas, two in Kansas and one in Ohio.

Canada reported six cases of swine flu. They are students who were vacationing in Yucatan and authorities say they are stable. The flu has spread to Europe, with Spain confirming the first case of the disease.

Several other countries, such as Switzerland, New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden, Great Britain, Israel and Columbia have issued statements reporting several cases of people presenting swine flu symptoms. They are mostly people who had recently been in Mexico and they are being carefully monitored.

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