AUGUST 25 2008 12:05h

Serbian Mafia Beheads Man for Revenge, 3 Arrested

blood on the pavement




Two young men and Taric’s girlfriend were arrested. The police think that the mafia thought that the victim “snitched” them.

The police arrested Serbian Velibor Brkic (24) and Milos Rasic (24) as suspects for the murder of 27-year-old Smail Taric, Press Online reports.

Also Smail’s girlfriend, 20-year-old Danic Todorovic, was arrested along with the other two, and the police found a kilogram of explosive in her flat.

Smail Taric’s head was found on Thursday in Belgrade, and the victim was identified the following day thanks to DNA analysis.

The police immediately interviewed ten suspects, and after a detailed investigation the released seven of them, while the other three were kept in detention.

- Velibor Brkic was already known to the police in Montenegro, while Rasic has not dossier.

They are members of the “Beran Clan”, which cooperates with criminals form Serbia. The movie of the murder is revenge and represents a message to members of criminal groups that you can not fool around with mafia bosses – said a source from the police for Press.

Charges were filed against Smail Taric two months ago for smuggling weapons, and after the hearing in court on August 18, he was allowed to defend himself for freedom.

The police stated that the members of the mafia probably thought that Taric “snitched” them.

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