APRIL 5 2008 20:55h

Study: UFOs Have Been Visiting Earth for Years




The American president allegedly met with extraterrestrials and promised that to keep their visit to Earth a secret, but they betrayed him.

From Alaska to Arizona, Florida, and all around the world, there have been cases and testimonies of people who witnessed the arrival of UFOs. Since January 1947 until December 1952, at least 16 destroyed unidentified flying objects, 65 extraterrestrial bodies, and one extraterrestrial alive. Of these, 13 cases took place in the USA, not including the flying object which exploded in the air.

The flying object in which they found an extraterrestrial was called Roswell, and the creature received the name of EBE (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity). The creature was kept in captivity for years, but most of it did not want to answer to most of the questions it was asked. Its life was based on transforming food into energy, almost like plants. By the end of 1951, EBE got sick and died in 1952.

-.--.-Project Blue Book for the investigation of UFOs was founded

Back in December 1947, a special group of experts founded a project called Sign, which grew into a project called Grudge in 1948. The collecting team Blue Book was founded as a branch of Grudge. An U.S. Air Force, in cooperation with the CIA and the government, systematically started to investigate unidentified flying objects (UFO).

White House’s secret fund for an underground shelter for UFOs

In 1954, the race of longlegs Gray appeared, who stated that their planet was dieing, and President Eisenhower allegedly met them. The alien ambassador and the American president agreed that they would not interfere with one another and that the presence of alien creature on Earth would be kept a secret. Extraterrestrials were promised an underground base which they used as a shelter. The secret fund from the White House to build this base in 1957 was made by Eisenhower. The shelter was so deep underground that it could resist a nuclear explosion.

A million dollars from the citizens were spent in the construction of this objects, and they did not even know anything about what was goinf on.

Extraterrestrials become a threat

There is a possibility that the aliens tricked Eisenhower, and in 1955 people and cattle started being mutilated. Many of them were also kidnapped, and the suspects fell on the mysterious newcomers. main mission of the investigation was allegedly to find out whether the UFOs were a threat to the national security, and to scientifically study and analyse evidence on the existence of flying objects.

The project was aimed a hiding evidence?

Thousands reports were collected and analyse, but in 1969 came the decision to stop the whole project, as a result of physicist Edward Condon’s decision form the Colorado University that there is nothing unnatural in the UFO cases.

They selected 56 reports on UFOs, and after a twenty-year study, the American Air Force came to the conclusion that nothing strange at happened. Later came evidence that the USAF continued to collect evidence on aliens still after the project was stopped, and many suspect that the whole project was aimed at hiding evidence on UFOs.