DECEMBER 5 2007 08:40h

Ultra-Conservative Jorg Haider Likes Boys Too?


A controversial Austrian politician known as a Nazi sympathiser enjoyed the company of some young men in a night club, Austrian media say.

Austria’s extreme right-winger Jorg Haider was urged to resign as governor of Carinthia doe to photos in which he is hugging several boys during a party in a night club.

Wishing to unwind, the controversial politician visited a night club known for its parties with extremely cheap alcoholic drinks last week, reports. Haider allegedly stayed for the ’99 Cent Party’ until 3 am and bought several rounds of drink for the club’s guests. This episode would have remained unnoticed had the proud owner of the night club not published photos of the conservative Haider on his Internet site, depicting the 57-year-old politician hugging several young men and holding a drink in his hand.

Bad example for the young 

- The governor is known for his open attitude towards young people – Haider’s spokesman said.

Local authorities immediately launched an investigation into whether the club had violated the youth protection rights. At the same time, many politicians have called on Jorg Haider to resign because of his disgraceful conduct and setting a bad example for young people, Austrian media report. Since then the controversial photographs have been removed from the club’s web site. But they were published by the Der Standard newspaper.

Haider immediately discarded the accusations as ‘the greatest hypocrisy ever’ and told the Austrian radio that Social Democrats should stop being such ‘prudes’ and trying to stop people reaching for alcohol. The Carinthian politician has been campaigning for years to deter young people from alcohol.

He likes Slovaks, but not immigrants 

An Austrian non-governmental organisation for the right of homosexuals, the Homosexual Initiative, is claiming that it has been in possession of evidence about the politician’s homosexual orientation for a decade now. The Tageszeitung newspaper claims that Haider has sexual relations with young men younger than 18 and that he especially likes the company of young Slovaks, as in Slovakia, the age of consent is 15.

The former head of the ultra-nationalist Austrian Freedom Party became known outside of Austria when, with Wolfgang Schussel’s People’s Party, he formed the coalition governmentin 2000. He thus caused consternation from the European and world public that could not accept the fact that a Nazi sympathiser was at the helm of a civilised country.

His parents became members of the Nazi Party very early and they had high functions in the party. His critics claim that his political stances were formed under his parents’ influence. As governor in 1989 he commended the employment policy in Nazi Germany and as a result he had to resign. Several years later he said that SS units were party of the German army and thus deserved honour and respect.

Adequate behaviour or pretence? 

He recently refuted his Nazi stands, but the general opinion is that it was just a performance for the public. He is against the European Union and against the settling of immigrants. He has dubbed the accession of new members in the European Union ‘a proclamation of war to all working and respectable people’. Analysts believe that his resignation as president of the Austrian Free Country is only a way to attract attention to himself after his fall of popularity, as well as a move to draw closer to the centre and become more acceptable as Austria’s leader, which, he confirmed, he always wanted to be.