AUGUST 21 2008 12:13h

Zemun Clan Mafia: Assassins Throughout Europe





Zemun members are people with plenty of experience in eliminations and are worth a lot on the black crime market, a source said.

Ninoslav Konstantinovic, member of the Zemun Clan, a mafia group in Belgrade, is still at large and is currently near Naples, Blic reports.

Supposedly, he was hired as a professional hit man in Naples and is working for the mafia who also protects him.

- He has been hiding in the Netherlands for a long time, where he has good connections with the underground. His brother Sladjan was arrested in the country in December 2003. Ninoslav managed to get away – a source from Serbian intelligence services revealed.

When Ninoslav realised he might soon be arrested, he moved to Italy from the Nethelands.

“Zemun members are highly skilled assassins and are worth a lot”Reuters-.--.-

- Zemun clan members are people with a lot of experience when it comes to eliminations and are worth a lot on the black crime market – a source told the Blic paper, adding that the Naples mafia has recognised Kostantinovic as a highly skilled assassin, because he their executions have always had the reputation of being brutal and ruthless.

According to the source, Konstantinovic personally took part in several eliminations and mafia showdowns, while he was also one of the leading heroin distributors.

As the source revealed, other members of the Zemun clan also kill throughout Europe.

It is believed that they have found their shelter under the wing of Balkanic and Italian mafia, while they are active in Bulgaia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro.

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