Utorak, prosinac 11, 2018
Cover page Croatia Choose 2015 - Round the Woman

Choose 2015 - Round the Woman


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Social Democrats issued voters for good cakes

In our club is always a good atmosphere and there is no quarrel. Often someone brings and cakes so we like to come to meetings and representatives of others ...

Easy to live

It was a tragedy that could only find the true feeling in me when I could think about it. In early childhood ...

Why Bernardic turns SDP into Cosa Nostra

Most members of Croatian political parties are experiencing their organization as a family as they often express themselves publicly, thinking it is positive. But...

As I met Kozari Boka's ambulance with the star of a Mexican soap

When I get sick, how difficult it is, it does not bother me with the usual worries ... I'm not even wondering if the bacteria will spread? Do I have ...

I'm a gypsy, so what?

Here and there, I pass part of Kozari Puteva, which otherwise goes wide. The part where all the rules cease to apply, where ...


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