Steve Kustro - Australian Croat and Domagoj who Day 36 Walked to Croatia with Noble Purpose

Steve Kustro was born in Australia. He spent most of his life in Sydney, but he did not forget where his parents came from. Australian Croats, they say, are very well following the situation in Croatia and are aware that they are not good - either politically, economically or demographically.

He wanted some help, so he decided to walk to Croatia, from Dubrovnik to Vukovar, in order to raise funds for helping children without proper parental care from Zagreb, but also pointed to the fact that the diaspora has always helped Croatia and that this will not change nor in the future.

He walked on Steve 36 days, he passed more than a thousand miles and collected more than 100 thousand. Not much, she says, but every kuna will come well.

He adds that this is not his first and last such undertaking, but the first one in the series.

Steve Kustro with friends