VIDEO: Željka Markić - "Tito's Referendum is Avoiding Taking Over Liability"

Should one of the most beautiful Zagreb squares still bear the name of Josip Broz Tito or he would have to return his old name - Theater, or perhaps the University Square, the Zagreb citizens will probably decide on a referendum advocated by mayor Milan Bandic. But the referendum is opposed by both the left and the right - the left does not want a referendum because it does not want a change of name, and the right does not want it because it solely requests change. To change the name of Trg maršala Tita is also Željka Markić with whom we talked about it ...

Should the name of Marshal Tito Square be changed?

It is absolutely necessary to change the name of Marshal Tito's Square to the Theater Square and remove the shame that the capital of Croatia has a square bearing the name of the criminal.

How is it possible for us to know what Tito is all about with disliked people, and that today there are so many defenders who are opposed to changing names?

Tito was a dictator at the helm of a single party that led the communist regime where he was killed, our demographers say, about 300 thousands of people. Not to mention the persecution of political prisoners, as well as the 90 years. So there is no doubt that he is a criminal, a dictator, and those who defend him defend some of his positions and privileges in the Croatian society. It is unacceptable in a democratic society, and contrary to the decision of the Council of Europe, that someone who led the communist regime is trying to amnestise the responsibility and keep the name of the square. It is as if someone suggests making a referendum on whether the square can be called by Mussolini, Hitler or Pavelic. This is completely unacceptable, there is no reasonable explanation for such a thing.

Tito's "defenders" say that he has done so much good, so they justify what he did, how do you comment on it?

It is impossible to justify somebody's crimes and killing some other things he or she did before or after that they were okay. And that is inadmissible, it is the relativization of murder and crime, that a man can, if you are good in one, killing those you disagree with, but doing some general good - and then that's fine. So what is the system and who it is in history, except Titus.

On Anti-Fascist Fighting Day at Marshall Tito Square, there is also a support group for the name of that square, and some even threaten to "lift their heads" through their Facebook if the name changes ?!

These announcements only confirm that those who show themselves to anti-fascists who are against fascism are actually advocates of communism, and that's what the problem is. I completely agree with anti-fascists, anti-fascism is indeed the value around which we all get together but the protection of communism and the equalization of anti-fascism and communism is completely unacceptable. And those who are going to be in that square are actually trying to rehabilitate a criminal regime, and therefore we should refer to someone trying to rehabilitate the Ustasha regime in the same way.

And if the Trg marshala calls Trg anti-fascist fight?

This square should be called as it was called by the Zagreb City Hall, which is the Kazališni trg. Everything else would be an investment for those who try to revise history and tell us it is the left dictatorship state, that left fascism is acceptable, and the right is not - but that is the same.

Milan Bandic proposes a referendum on this topic, what do you think?

I hope that Mr. Bandic, as an experienced politician, will have a clear picture of how important it is to show that he does not defend Tito nor communism or the crimes he has committed and will make the decision as a mayor and that responsibility will not be transferred to citizens.

Bruno Esih and Zlatko Hasanbegovic seek renaming the Square and oppose a referendum?

It is unacceptable for a referendum to decide whether the Trg will continue to be called to the criminal, which is unacceptable in any civilized society.

Are you opposed to this?

I contend that one can try through a referendum to defend that Tito was a criminal. So we have to finish, stop talking about the Partisans and Communism, but we can only stop it if it comes to social justice. This must be based on the truth, so we can not lie about Titus to invest in some voters. That's unacceptable. If voters think that Titus is to be legitimate, we need to send them a message that is unacceptable. Just as there are voters who think to justify Pavelic. Both voters and others need to get a clear message from responsible politics that this is unacceptable. The man was a criminal, for the criminal will not be called a square in Zagreb.

If it is to go to a referendum, it is necessary that the majority of the total number of voters go out. It's almost science fiction, so there are not so many voters in the first round of local elections, and in referendums, people traditionally go out lower than in elections?

Look, all this with the referendum is avoiding taking over responsibility. It is known who decides on the name of streets and squares, and that should take responsibility - or stop behind the Trg calling for the crime tit but changing the name, and for both of them it is necessary responsibility. If one manages such a big city with this budget, then he can decide how the square will call.